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Pro-Val SP Ltd. offers a range of services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. We make every necessary possible so that new products reach the market as soon as possible.

Regulatory Affairs

National regulatory acts are occasionally changing, therefore local expertise is essential. Our aim is to assist you with a broad range of regulatory affairs services that can help you shorten the approval process and therefore the trial duration. We have expertise in clinical trials with drugs and with medical devices.

Medical writing

We can help you in the preparation of the documents that you will need to conduct your trial.
Site selection

We can help you in your selection of the competent sites with high recruitment rate. Our good relations with the investigators can help our Clients to achieve their aims successfully.


We are able to manage all of the contracts that you may need in order to complete your trial. We have contacts with the institutions, investigators, laboratories and translators that will reduce the negotiation time and will give us possibility to provide reasonable costs.

Study Site Support

We provide a wide range of clinical research services at the study site to meet quality and ICH-GCP compliance at the highest level. We provide a site management for the sites in which it can be beneficial for our Clients.

Safety Surveillance

Our clinical research team is available on 24/7 to address medically related questions or to report adverse events. Reporting to local authorities can be in help for our Clients.

Training Courses (in cooperation with sponsors)

These are aimed at providing high-quality GCP to investigators, study coordinators, and other participants in clinical trials.


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